Earlier, we already wrote about the first step in the global balancing of the modern world economy, which is still in a state of recession after the 2008-2010 crisis; and a number of specialists believe that the next wave of a systemic crisis, which is more threatening in its consequences, will soon be waiting for us. In any case, until 2025, which many have already declared a point of bifurcation or even singularity, when the world must radically change for the sake of self-preservation, the global balancing of the world economy will have to be completed.

In brief, the essence of the first step is that we must develop:

  • radically new goals and objectives of economic development;
  • principles of economic diversification and economic re-globalization;
  • ways of “greening” all spheres of public activity;
  • technical and economic support for projects that aim at the modernization of man as an object of labor and subject of the scientific and technological progress;
  • an acceptable birth control scheme.

The essence of the second step is in the development of a consensus plan for the next stage of activity. In general, the plan for economic balancing of the economy can be launched in a truncated version, which China is trying to do in a skewed way with the help of a “new silk road", but it seems to be better than what the USA is proposing.